December 5, 2023

28/28 Rotational, Pipeline Supervisor


Job Vacancy – Basra Oil & Gas Operator – IRAQI NATIONAL ONLY

Pipeline Supervisor 28X28 Rotation

Please only contact me if you are from Basra and you have the below requirements.

Strong knowledge of the main processes of oil production and operation of pipeline system, gathering system, Export pipelines, water injection system
Basic skills in pipeline facilities construction, pig scrapers, ROW, FOC, Liner part of pipeline, road crossings, etc.
Strong knowledge in Gathering system and export pipelines operation And maintenance including internal inspection, smart pigging And repair method of live pipelines
Strong knowledge in different type of valves and actuators routine operation and maintenance
Basic knowledge of methods of corrosion protection for underground pipeline ( cathodic protection system )
Strong knowledge and skills of work with equipment such as hot tapping machine, pipe milling machine, generators, grindors, Compressors, motor pumps, location system, pipe locator etc,
Strong knowledge and skills of pipeline repair work, including repair a fiberglass pipe line ( GRV lamination)
Strong drawing and sketches reading skills