December 5, 2023

Petroleum Development of Oman PDO Jobs


Petroleum Development Oman (P00J is the I
leading ext)aeration and production coma)any ,
in the Su/tonite of Oman. We de/aver the :
mafoar ofthe country’s crude oil producaon
and natural gas supply, but above aii we
focus on delivering excellence, growth and
sustainable value creation within and well
beyond our industry. The Company is owned
for de Government of Oman (60%), the I
Shelf Group r34%J, Total (4%), and Partex I
(2%). Gas feeds and processing plants are I
operated by PDO excfusfyelr on behafofae I

PDO is recruiting professional experienced hires+ \
for the following positions:

To apply, visit the ‘Careers’ section of the PetroJobs website at www.petrojobscom and learn more about the
above opportunities and others.
For any inquires on issues faced during the application process, please call the Petrolobs Call Centre on
241740401email the PetroJobs Sup,p.ort Team at contact@petrojobscom or consult the User Guide and
Frequently Asked Questions under ‘Contaa Us’ on the PetroJobs homepage.
PDO reserves the right to respond or contact only those who meet the criteria and who confirm to
attend an interview. If you do not receive a response within a month from the advertised closing
date, consider your application has been unsuccessful.