Rosen Group Job Opportunities

The ROSEN Group is a globally leading provider of cutting-edge solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain. The business is privately owned and employs a team of almost 3,000 workers, operating in more than 120 countries.

“Empowered by technology” is the promise that ROSEN systematically delivers on by enhancing the operations of its customers and making them safe, cost-effective and more efficient. ROSEN offers the know-how and technology to ensure that customers comply with legal standards and safeguard people and environment, while gaining maximum profit from assets as diverse as pipelines, tanks, vessels, wind turbines, trains, and telecommunication towers.

ROSEN’s products and services:
• Inspection of critical industrial assets to ensure reliable operations of the highest standards and effectiveness
• Customized engineering consultancy providing efficient asset integrity management
• Production and supply of customized novel systems and products
• Market-driven, topical state-of-the-art research and development providing “added value” products and services

ROSEN insist on earning the trust of its clients, developing long lasting partnerships and providing the best of technologies and services. These are elements that will carry far in pursuing ROSEN goal of being the unchallenged leader in a range of industries.

ROSEN believe in being clear about its values and priorities and recognizing the ways in which its actions affect employees, society and the environment. As such, ROSEN take on responsibility for ROSEN business activities and their consequences.

At ROSEN, ROSEN understand the need for sustainable behavior and work towards this by applying well-defined values to all aspects of ROSEN daily business. ROSEN corporate philosophy is founded on ethical behavior, protection of people and the environment, and sustainability.

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Logistics Coordinator                                                    Newcastle

Inhouse Consultant (m/w/d) MS Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations / Project Operations                                                                       Lingen/Osnabrück

Duales Studium: Informationstechnologie (B.Eng.)          Dresden

Abschlussarbeit                                                               Lingen

Entwicklung eines Testautomaten zur visuellen Baugruppenprüfung  

Field Service Technician NDT                                      Oldenzaal

Business Process Manager (m/w/d) im Bereich Human Resource Software (Workday)                                                                                           Lingen

Business Process Manager (m/w/d) im Bereich Finance Software             Lingen

IT System Engineer (m/w/d) Microsoft Dynamics 365     Lingen

Proposals & Contracts Specialist                                Dubai

Data Scientist in the field of Water Line Integrity Solutions (all genders welcome)                                                                                           Lingen/Osnabrück/Enschede

Head of Provision & Supply Chain Management (all genders welcome)   Lingen

Legal Counsel Arbeitsrecht (m/w/d)                         Lingen

Business Process Manager (m/w/d) im Business Software           Lingen

IT Service Engineer (m/w/d)                                        Lingen

Engineer/ Certified Technician as an Application Specialist in the field of Metal Loss Applications Support (all genders welcome)          Lingen

Physiker (m/w/d) mit Schwerpunkt CIVA-Simulationen   Lingen/Osnabrück/Stutensee

Elektroniker (m/w/d)                                                    Lingen

-Pipeline Inspektion-                                                            

Proposal Engineer                                                          Kuala Lumpur

Team Lead                                                                       Ciudad de México

Elektroniker*in als Teamleiter der Batteriepaketefertigung (m/w/d)        Lingen

Junior Accountant                                                          Perth

Software Developer C# (all genders welcome)      Lingen/Frankenthal/Stutensee

Office Manager (m/w/d) im Bereich Switchboard und Travel Coordination           Lingen

HSE – Coordinator / Fachkraft für Arbeitssicherheit (m/w/d)        Lingen

Ingenieur Elektronikentwicklung (m/w/d) im Bereich Embedded Software           Lingen

Entwickler (m/w/d) für elektronische Testsysteme          Lingen

Data Analyst                                                                    Kyiv

Elektronikentwickler (m/w/d) als PCB-Designer    Lingen

Software Developer Python (m/w/d)                        Lingen, Osnabrück

in Voll- oder Teilzeit und Home Office                                  

Data Analyst                                                                    Kazakhstan

Event Specialist (m/w/d)                                              Lingen

IT Service Architect – Modern Workplace (m/w/d)          Lingen

Senior Procurement Specialist                                     

Digital Marketing Specialist (m/w/d)                        Lingen

IT Service Technician (m/w/d) – Modern Workplace in the area of Software Distribution und Windows 10/11                                                              Lingen

Software Product Manager (m/f/d) in the field of Customer Software     Lingen

Coordinator Training and Education (m/w/d)        Lingen

Zerspanungsmechaniker (m/w/d) als Fräser in der Keramikfertigung       Lingen

im flexiblen Tagschichtmodell                                              

Workgroup Lead (all genders welcome)  in the area of Data evaluation   Lingen

Technical Data Analyst (all genders welcome)       Lingen

Data Analyst Level 2 MFL (all genders welcome)   Lingen

Specialist for Explosion Prevention (all genders welcome)            Lingen

Requirements Engineer (all genders welcome)      Lingen

Grundschullehrer/in (m/w/d)                                    Lingen

englisch- oder deutschsprachig                                            

Senior Composite Technician (m/w/d) im Bereich Sensorfertigung           Lingen

Field Service Technician (inline inspection)             Oldenzaal

Physicist for the Development of Flowmeters (multiphase) (all genders welcome)                                                                                           Lingen

Software Test Engineer in an agile Environment for Autonomous Diving Robots (all genders welcome)                                                                         Bremen

Software Developer with Data Base Expertise for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (all genders welcome)                                                         Bremen

Electronics Engineer (all genders welcome) as Development Engineer Embedded Linux                                                                                           Frankenthal / Stutensee

Expert in Manufacturing in the Field of Mobile Device and System Construction (all genders welcome)                                                                         Lingen

Data Scientist (all genders welcome)                        Lingen/Osnabrück

Software Produktmanager (m/w/d) im Bereich Supply Chain Software   Lingen

Mechaniker (m/w/d)                                                     Lingen

Spülkraft (m/w/d)                                                          Lingen

Maschinenbau-Ingenieur / Konstrukteur (m/w/d) im Bereich Water Line Integrity Solutions                                                                                           Lingen

Electronics Engineer as FPGA-Developer (all genders welcome)  Frankenthal / Stutensee

Senior Integrity Engineer in the field of Water Line Integrity Solutions (all genders welcome)                                                                         Lingen/Enschede

Process Professional Polyurethan Production (all genders welcome)       Lingen

Software Produktmanager (m/w/d) im Bereich Produktions Software     Lingen

System Architekt (m/w/d) – Processing Software Solutions          Lingen, Osnabrück

Software Produktmanager (m/w/d) im Bereich Finance Lingen

Kubeflow and KServe Administrator (all genders welcome)          Lingen/Osnabrück

SAP Inhouse Consultant MM (m/w/d)                      Lingen

auch Quereinstieg möglich!                                                 

Software Developer C# (all genders welcome)      Lingen/Osnabrück

Software Developer / Consultant – PLM (m/w/d)  Lingen/Osnabrück

Software Developer C# / Test Automation (all genders welcome)             Lingen/Osnabrück

Software Produktmanager (m/w/d) im Bereich Finance Lingen


Sales Manager                                                                Kuala Lumpur

Team Lead                                                                       Ciudad de México

IT Asset & License Manager (all genders welcome)          Lingen

IT Service Architect Physical Infrastructure (all genders welcome)            Lingen

Information Security Specialist (all genders welcome)    Lingen

Steuerfachwirt/ Tax Accountant (m/w/d)                Lingen

IT Service Architekt – Customer Support (m/w/d)            Lingen

Abschlussarbeit Elektronikentwicklung                    Lingen

Evaluierung von Paketierungsmethoden für embedded Software Entwicklung und Nutzung einer querschnittlichen Plattform                                                                            

Senior Corrosion Engineer                                            

NDT Technician                                                               Newcastle Upon Tyne

Verfahrenstechniker (m/w/d) mit Schwerpunkt Produkt- und Fertigungsoptimierung                                                                                           Lingen

Business Process Manager (m/w/d) im Bereich Projektmanagement        Lingen

Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) in der Qualitätssicherung für die Kunststofffertigung            Lingen

IT Helpdesk Support                                                      Bogota – Colombia

MFL-C (AFD) Data Analyst                                            ROSEN Dammam

Head of Supply Chain                                                    Rio de Janeiro

Junior Marketing & Communications Project Manager (m/w/d) Lingen

in der Unternehmenskommunikation                                     

Social Media Specialist (m/w/d)                                 Lingen

Junior Technical Solution Specialist                           Oldenzaal

IT Service Architect Cloud Services, Azure und O365 (all genders welcome)          Lingen

Monteur Mechatronica                                                Oldenzaal

Software Product Manager (m/w/d) im Bereich Supply Chain     Lingen

Incubation Leitung (m/w/d)                                        Lingen

Maintenance Technician NDT (ROSEN EUROPE NCL)       Newcastle

Instructional Designer (all genders welcome)         

full-/part-time and Home Office                                            

Ausbildungsplatz: Industriekaufmann (m/w/d)      Lingen

Zerspanungsmechaniker als CNC Fräser (m/w/d)  Lingen

Einzelteilfertigung mit hochmodernem 5-Achs-Maschinenpark (Heidenhain- und Siemenssteuerung)

Abschlussarbeit                                                               Lingen

Aufbau einer Kommunikationstopologie für verteilte Low-Power-Messsysteme für den Einsatz in stark limitiertem Bauraum                                                                             

Studentische Arbeit                                                       Lingen

Modell-getriebene Softwareentwicklung und Generierung von Funktionen und Zustandsautomaten mit Hilfe eines CASE-Tools                                                                        

Technical Data Analyst (all genders welcome)       Dresden

Fehlersucher (m/w/d)                                                   Dresden

Zerspanungsmechaniker als konventioneller Dreher (m/w/d)      Lingen

Werkstudierende für den Bereich Elektronikentwicklung (m/w/d)            Lingen


IM BEREICH DIGITALES MARKETING                                

Technical Solution Specialist                                       Oldenzaal

Planner – Tools (OSSP)                                                    

Head of QHSE (m/w/d)                                                 Lingen

Shop Operation Internship                                          Kuala Lumpur

Ingeniero de Integridad                                                Ciudad de México


Associate Pipeline Integrity Engineer                        

Product Engineer (Tool Customizer)                           

Field Service Preparation Technician                        COTA – Colombia

Duales Studium: Bachelor of Arts                              Lingen

Betriebswirtschaft und nachhaltiges Management                  

Werkstoffprüfer (m/w/d) der Fachrichtung Metalltechnik            Lingen

Field Service Technician Niet Destructief Onderzoek (NDO)         Rotterdam

Internship for Evaluation & System Implementation        Kuala Lumpur

Technischer Einkäufer (m/w/d)                                  Lingen

Auditor für ISO 27001 (m/w/d)                                  Lingen, remote

Berufseinsteiger und ausgebildete Auditoren willkommen      

Working Student for AI Project and Technology Organization      Lingen

Schülerpraktikant (w/m/d)                                          Lingen

Supply Chain Packer                                                      Cota

Erzieher (m/w/d) für den Krippen- oder Elementarbereich in Voll- oder Teilzeit  Lingen

Software Developer (all genders welcome)            Lingen

Project Manager                                                            Bogota – Colombia

Senior Accountant                                                         Kuala Lumpur

Junior IT Service & Product Manager (m/w/d)       Lingen

Digital Workplace (Client & Support Management)                 

Ausbildungsplatz: Kaufmann für IT- System Management (m/w/d)           Lingen

Internship Legal & Compliance                                   Kuala Lumpur

Masterarbeit im Bereich der Systemarchitektur    Lingen

Eigenentwicklung vs. 3rd Party Software – Strategieentwicklung für Integrity-Softwarelösung            

Internship Shop Operations                                         

Verfahrensmechaniker für Beschichtungstechnik(m/w/d) in der Kunststofffertigung                                                                                           Lingen

Ausbildungsplatz: Fachinformatiker (m/w/d) für Daten- und Prozessanalyse        Lingen

Ausbildungsplatz: Konstruktionsmechaniker (m/w/d)     Lingen

Ausbildungsplatz: Industriemechaniker/in (m/w/d)         Lingen

Ausbildungsplatz: Zerspanungsmechaniker (m/w/d)       Lingen

Fachrichtung Fräs- oder Drehtechnik                                    

Ausbildungsplatz: Maschinen- und Anlagenführer (m/w/d)          Lingen

Ausbildungsplatz: Elektroniker für Geräte und Systeme (m/w/d)               Lingen

Ausbildungsplatz: Technischer Produktdesigner (m/w)   Lingen

Ausbildungsplatz: Fachinformatiker Anwendungsentwicklung (m/w/d)   Lingen

Ausbildungsplatz: Fachinformatiker Systemintegration (m/w/d)                Lingen

Ausbildungsplatz: Fachinformatiker Digitale Vernetzung (m/w/d)             Lingen

Ausbildungsplatz: Elektroniker für Betriebstechnik (m/w/d)        Lingen

Duales Studium: Bachelor of Science                        Lingen


Ausbildungsplatz: Fachkraft Lagerlogistik (m/w/d)           Lingen

Internship Human Resource                                       Kuala Lumpur

SPECULATIVE APPLICATION                                        Lingen, Osnabrück, Karlsruhe, Bremen, Enschede




Shipment Coordinator                                                  ROSEN Europe Newcastle (NCL)

Field Service Engineer                                                   Perth

Maintenance Technician Mechanic                           Melbourne

NDT Field Service Technician – EEMUA 159 / API 653      Newcastle

Werkstudent für die Unterstützung unserer Trainingsabteilung (m/w/d)               Lingen

PRAKTIKUM/ ABSCHLUSSARBEIT IM BEREICH ZERSTÖRUNGSFREIE PRÜFTECHNIK                                                                                           Lingen

Praktikum/ Werkstudierende im Bereich Business Software Administration          Lingen

Final Test Technician (m/w/d)                                    Lingen

Risk Engineer / Integrity Engineer (all genders welcome)              Lingen

Python Developer                                                          Ciudad de México

Head of HSE (m/w/d)                                                    Lingen

Masterarbeit im Bereich Quantum Computing (m/w/d) Lingen

Field Service Technician (all genders welcome)     Lingen

FIELD SERVICE TECHNICIAN                                        Buenos Aires – Argentina

IT Service & Product Manager (m/w/d)                    Lingen

Digital Workplace (Client & Support Management)                 

Internship Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)     Kuala Lumpur

Elektroniker (m/w/d)                                                    Lingen

Full Stack Developer                                                      Bogota, Colombia

Head of Project Management                                     Veracruz

Softwareentwickler .NET (m/w/d)                             Dresden

Softwareentwickler Frontend (m/w/d)                    Dresden

CAD / CAM Programmierer (m/w/d)                         Lingen

BERGEN, NORWAY Technical Solution Specialist   Bergen, Norway

Zerspanungsmechaniker als CNC Dreher (m/w/d)            Lingen

Maintenance Technician Electronic                          Perth, Australia

Zerspanungsmechaniker als NC Dreher (m/w/d)   Lingen


Science Disciplines                                                             

SPS Programmierer (m/w/d)                                       Stutensee (Raum Karlsruhe), Frankenthal (Raum Mannheim)

Service Techniker / Inbetriebnehmer Maschinen-Anlagenbau (m/w/d)   Stutensee (Karlsruhe), Frankenthal (Mannheim)

(Fach-)Informatiker (m/w/d) für die Anwendungsentwicklung     Lingen

HR Business Partner                                                      CDMX

Sales Manager cum Project Manager                       Beijing, China

Hybrid role of SM & PM                                                       

Rosen Group Job Opportunities
Rosen Group Job Opportunities