December 5, 2023

The Next Wave of Power Generation – SeaFloat Floating Power Plants

The Next Wave of Power Generation – SeaFloat Floating Power Plants

The evolution of power plants from land to the sea is available from the Siemens power generation portfolio ranging from small industrial turbines to large utility size turbines. The time required for new power plant installation is shorter than a traditional land-based solution, making energy in a fraction of the time..

With the floating power plant concept, energy can be delivered to areas where it was not possible before including:

· Remote areas inaccessible by road but with access to water

· Regions with high real estate costs or excessive subsoil risk

· Congested areas with access to water but limited space for a new generating facilities

Modularity has been incorporated into the SeaFloat design to enable a shorter construction schedule, and these floating power plants can be erected in a shipyard to minimize the onsite labor required. In the case of repowering, constructing the power plant offsite allows the existing asset to provide continuous power while the new plant is being built. Additionally, the substitution of old power plants with newer, more efficient generation supports the reduction of global CO2 emissions.

Another benefit that floating power plants have is mobility. The effort required to pick up and move a traditional land-based solution can be immense, while a floating plant is able to relocate to wherever the demand is – providing a solution for short-term need or disaster relief.

For more information, download this whitepaper that discusses how Siemens SeaFloat power plants use the company’s proven and reliable gas turbine power generation equipment and optimize it for application on floating vessels.